Thursday, July 16, 2009

Where The Money Went

By Kevin Canty

“Sometimes it seems to me that anger is the engine of a marriage, the power that drives all the other parts. Each of us is doing half and feeling like it’s three-quarters. Each of us has it exactly as hard as the other, and suspects the other of having it easy. Both of us take care, and suspect the other of carelessness.” So says the nameless narrator of “No Place in This World for You,” just one of the struggling men in Kevin Canty’s latest collection of short stories. His son, Walter, is a biter, his wife, Carol-Ann, goes out for runs and doesn’t return for hours, and his real estate clients aren’t buying. Mr. Canty’s stories are set in a West that’s defined more by tourists than cowboys, and his characters reach out for love, though they know its futility. They’ll have another drink too, though they know where that leads.

- Amy Virshup, The New York Times

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