"If he's written it, chances are you've read it. Or, lately, watched it. Starting out as an online sports journalist, Tom Eaton has become one of South Africa's recognised writers (and outspoken haters of 'Harry Potter' and 'The Da Vinci Code'). From his now defunct Mail and Guardian column and novels ('The De Villiers Code' and 'Texas') to film screenplays ('More Than Just A Game') and TV shows ('Van Der Walt's Fault), he's dabbled in just about everything — except, perhaps, greeting cards or the "did you know" facts in Chappies wrappers.

And amid all that writing, he's turned out a third novel, the masterful 'The Wading'. We speak to Eaton about his most serious book yet, equestrian white mischief, burning Dan Brown's little offering, Weet Bix, and actually getting people to read."

- Nils van der Linden, iAfrica.com